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@mj3437 Hello just open the .tri files with notepad++. You will see events with numbers, if you fly on the blue side look for the event No17 and you will see what you need to capture/achieve, to trigger the event and win the campaign.

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Some years ago theater creators often put the objectives into the campaign description on the screen when you choose one. Maybe that got a bit out of fashion.

As @TigerShark said, look into the *.tri files and hope there are enough comments to explain the objective numbers. Those files are in \Data\Campaign\ from your installation directory for Korea and for the third party theaters in their Add-On folders and also \Data\Campaign.
Save0.tri to Save5.tri is the order as they appear in the selection screen.

If you don’t know what an objective number stands for and it’s not in the comments of the .tri file, open Mission Commander. There “open mission” under “File” and select one of the Save[some number}.CAM (!) files. When loaded, go to tab Objectives and select all.
The CampID column is the number you search for! 😊