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  • RE: Texts unreadable in UI of version 4.37 U3.

    @The_Fish I’m not sure anyone is testing less than 1080p (1920x1080) resolution these days. But fwiw here are some tips to try…


    1- from your screen snip, above, it looks like something is not quite right … this is telling me, your monitor and graphics adapter have negotiated a resolution of 1024x768

    Double-check Windows settings (desk.cpl) and also check the Nvidia console settings, to ensure Windows is in fact running at your expected native monitor resolution.

    2- run BMS with the -window startup flag … stay in either borderless or window mode, at least for the 2D screens

    if you need/want to run Fullscreen mode in 3D … either because your system is underpowered or for whatever other reason you want to run BMS in a resolution other than your native Windows desktop … ok, but pay special attention to the Scaling settings in Nvidia console.

    everything will be more stable and reliable if you set it to “perform scaling on GPU” but it will add a tiny bit of work to your GPU hardware

    if you set it to “perform scaling on monitor” then you’ll also need to pay attention to the centering/stretching behavior … and that can be buggy or quirky on some monitors … which maybe explains part of what you’re describing

    but I suspect it’s because your monitor is running at 1024x768 (or your GPU thinks it’s a 1024x768 monitor for some reason … maybe EDID handshake failure or something) and you’re telling BMS to render at 1280x1024 so that’s why you’re only seeing the upper-left ~75% of the screen

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  • RE: WIP: F-14 B/D

    @Radium LOL

    When @Radium speaks about himself in the 3rd person… He is very serious!!!

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  • RE: Jan Has F-16 LV7 Update packs

    @farazparsa Up to the model artist…
    Not something I track to be honest…

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  • RE: Alternative Launcher suddenly stopped working

    @wsy thanks … in layman terms it’s saying “failed to create the log file”

    other people here have reported strange problems with their %LocalAppData% folder (permission problems … or things “hidden” like you’re describing)

    but I have no idea what causes that… I don’t think it’s BMS fault

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