Since 4.35 was released, Maverick missile infrared seekers have a difficult time tracking when even the slightest wisp of fog or cloud obscures the target. This usually prevents a target handoff from the TGP. Consequently, one of Training 14’s original goals – acquiring and attacking two antiaircraft units with Mavericks in a single low level pass - is no longer feasible in it’s original configuration. In this “spinoff” of training 14, I’ve shifted focus to learning how to judge when conditions favor an attack, what to do in the mean time, and avoiding target fixation which can put pilots within range of enemy fire. I wanted to make a more strategy-oriented mission than the original, and I hope I’ve provided thorough guidance on how to accomplish the goals.

The targets are now definitely mobile but can halt their movement, necessitating the use of the FCR in both GMT GM mode. Countermeasures should be used including a mixed chaff/ flare program. The SA-10 nearby now has actual launchers, so it can’t be ignored anymore. This training also includes a likely encounter with enemy air patrols too risky to engage in a ground-attack configured F-16 – but help isn’t far off. Fuel quantity is still an issue, but there is enough for the mission if used efficiently, and refueling options are added for egress.

This mission isn’t meant to replace #14, as there is no bridge attack or TFR used here, but is meant to train effective use of the AGM-65D & G against dispersed, moving vehicles in poor conditions.

Hope it’s fun and helpful to maverick users.

For those who don’t know, unzip the TE files to your BMS\data\campaign folder and the training should show up along with the other saved TEs in the 2D menu.